Punk Rock Girl Hitchhikes (a memoir)


Here’s the true story of when I was sixteen and ran away from home and hitchhiked over a thousand miles and all sorts of things happened. In fourteen chapters. They’re pretty short chapters though. “Chapters” might be stretching it. Anyway, here:


Chapter One: Me and My Shadows

Chapter Two: Lovin’ you was easy ’cause you had a mohawk and I was a sucker for a mohawk 

Chapter Three: Girls just wanna be dangerous and cool but not too dangerous and cool

Chapter Four: Should I stay or should I go except I’m not really asking; I’m definitely going to go

Chapter 5: The waiting is kind of the hardest part but the planning is one of the best parts so in a way the waiting isn’t that bad sometimes

  Chapter 6: And Away We Go!

Chapter 7: The Long and Winding Road that is also the Long and Freezing Road

Chapter 8: Shadow Thumbed a Diesel Down, Just Before it Rained (it didn’t really rain but it’s from a song and the rest is true)

Chapter 9: I Don’t Know What It Is That Makes Me Love You So (seriously, no idea)

Chapter 10: Just the Four of Us

Chapter 11: The Calm Before the… Sure, Let’s Call it a Storm.

Chapter 12: The Cutest Jailbird You Ever Did See

Chapter 13: The Jig is Up

Chapter 14: Love Will Keep Us Together, but, also, Love Will Tear Us Apart




Author: Sarah McKinley Oakes

Sarah McKinley Oakes is an L.A.-area writer, nanny, and library clerk. Her other website is RemainsofLA.com, where she writes up old restaurants but barely mentions the food. To contact Sarah, email her at sarahmckinleyoakes@gmail.com, or DM the Hatpin Slayer Facebook page

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