Punk Rock Girl Hitchhikes (a memoir)


Here’s the true story of when I was sixteen and ran away from home and hitchhiked over a thousand miles and all sorts of things happened. In fourteen chapters. They’re pretty short chapters though. “Chapters” might be stretching it. Anyway, here:


Chapter One: Me and My Shadows

Chapter Two: Lovin’ you was easy ’cause you had a mohawk and I was a sucker for a mohawk 

Chapter Three: Girls just wanna be dangerous and cool but not too dangerous and cool

Chapter Four: Should I stay or should I go except I’m not really asking; I’m definitely going to go

Chapter 5: The waiting is kind of the hardest part but the planning is one of the best parts so in a way the waiting isn’t that bad sometimes

  Chapter 6: And Away We Go!

Chapter 7: The Long and Winding Road that is also the Long and Freezing Road

Chapter 8: Shadow Thumbed a Diesel Down, Just Before it Rained (it didn’t really rain but it’s from a song and the rest is true)

Chapter 9: I Don’t Know What It Is That Makes Me Love You So (seriously, no idea)

Chapter 10: Just the Four of Us

Chapter 11: The Calm Before the… Sure, Let’s Call it a Storm.

Chapter 12: The Cutest Jailbird You Ever Did See

Chapter 13: The Jig is Up

Chapter 14: Love Will Keep Us Together, but, also, Love Will Tear Us Apart




Author: Sarah McKinley Oakes

Sarah McKinley Oakes is an L.A.-area writer, nanny, and library clerk. Her other blog is RemainsofLA.com, where she writes up old restaurants but barely mentions the food. To contact Sarah, DM the Hatpin Slayer Facebook page

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