About Us

We have found that we sometimes write (or otherwise create) things not quite right for our particular blogs, or books, or whatever-elses, and so we decided to make this blog, a blog with no common theme at all, where we can post whatever we please.

Sarah McKinley Oakes is an L.A.-area writer, nanny, and library clerk. She has lived in fifteen towns and twenty-three homes, and has worked as a graphic design artist, a PA at a computer game company, a copy editor, a preschool teacher, an unemployed club kid [at least as exhausting as the other jobs], a doctor’s secretary, and an editor at an actor’s trade paper.
Her other blog is RemainsofLA.com, where she writes up old restaurants but barely mentions the food.
You may find her at:
Twitter: @smoakes
Instagram: @sarahmckinleyoakes
Other website: RemainsofLA

To contact Sarah,  DM the Hatpin Slayer Facebook page

Alicia Kay Loggie has a hidden side life as a New York Times and USA Today best-selling romance author (currently on sabbatical).
It’s a funny story how that happened…for another time.